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When To Go On Your Honeymoon

When To Go On Your Honeymoon

Traditionalists would say that you go on your honeymoon right after your wedding.  But there may be loads of reasons why the time after your wedding isn’t right for you.

Money. Business. Work. Vacation time. Sick family member. Time of year.  The list goes on.  So when is the right time to take your honeymoon?

It depends!

Where does your honeymoon fit into your life plans?

This is probably the biggest mistake many people make when planning their honeymoons.  They focus on the wedding and the trip afterward but not where these items fit within their life plan.  Are you moving soon? Planning to buy a house? Have children?  These may determine how much you can spend, how far you are willing to travel and when the trip may be.

Couples often don’t think of their life plan and their honeymoon as related, but they can be.  Take for example the couple that wants to begin baby-making as soon as the wedding is over.  Maybe the once-in-a-lifetime super fancy baller trip to Bora Bora might not be the best use of money when you will soon need to move into a bigger house, buy baby furniture, feed and clothe another human, etc. Alternatively, maybe now is the best time to take the super fancy trans-Pacific trip because it may be the last private vacation they will take in the foreseeable future.


Seasonality plays a lot into how and when people travel and how much they may spend.  Boston, Massachusetts is cheaper to visit November-April and it’s a small city so you can walk or bike to many of the historic sites. Boston is also known for really harsh winters, blizzards, and nor’easters.  It has snowed both in October and April in Boston.  How much are you willing to walk or bike in the snow?  How does that play into your ideal honeymoon?

If you are getting married in the summertime in the northern hemisphere but want to honeymoon in the southern hemisphere keep in mind that your seasons are going to be flipped.  That is, summer in New York is winter in New Zealand and vice-versa.

When To Go

When to go on your honeymoon ultimately gets back to the first rule of honeymoon planning: talking about the honeymoon and the type of experience(s) you both want, and where this vacation fits within life plan.

Some people are totally comfortable with taking out consumer debt for once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as weddings or honeymoons.  Some people are not.  Discussing your level of comfort with debt may also determine when is the best time to take your honeymoon.  I’ve met couples that have waited two years to take their honeymoon so that they can save up enough cash to travel debt-free.  Do you! Don’t let anyone tell you that because you didn’t travel right after your wedding, that your vacation is not a honeymoon.

So when is the right time for your honeymoon? Whenever works best for you and your partner physically, financially, and emotionally.