A practical guide to an amazing honeymoon on any budget

Planning a Honeymoon on a Tight Budget

10 Ways to Have a Honeymoon on a super Tight Budget

Are you planning a honeymoon on a tight budget?  Only have a few days that you can take off? Taking a big trip can be expensive and drain the remainder of your vacation time. To keep costs down consider some of these ideas.

1. DIY Spa Day

Tub Soak Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Find a local masseuse or spa that you can go to or better yet, find one that will come to you. Get room service, I mean, fancy catering (or your favorite restaurant) delivered and lounge around the house in plush bathrobes and slippers. Enjoy nightly turndown service by buying a box of nice chocolates and treating each other to something sweet before bed.

2. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

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Check out a digital guide of your nearest city or town and wander around seeing new places. Most cities have walking tours availbale to book – some are even free! Book tickets to local theatre. Visit museums and zoos. Many museums have free or reduced days each month or discount passes you can obtain through the local library. Check social networks like Nextdoor and Facebook for upcoming fairs and festivals. Sites like GroupOn and Living Social may also have deals to local activities that you can check out.

3. Have a Hawaiian Holiday

Cheers with Cocktails Photo by Foodiesfeed

Make a killer “summer soundtrack” and bust out the blender. Grab a few pineapples and cocktail umbrellas and ingredients to make some tiki cocktails. Order a few leis online as well as Hawaiian shirts and enjoy tiki cocktails on the porch, in the backyard, or on your couch. To add the true Hawaiian feel, find a restaurant that will bring you Poke and taro chips or just make it yourself!

4. Add Romance and Luxury

Worried that your mini moon will lack luxury and romance since you aren’t traveling? You can still get all the luxe of a fancy honeymoon at a fraction of the costs by booking a 1-2 night hotel stay at a fancy hotel or Bed and Breakfast. Don’t skimp on the details, be sure to tell them it’s your honeymoon and you may even find a few rose petals or towel swans on the bed. No time to money for a fancy hotel stay? Create your own room of love by adding a few touches of romance. Light a few candles (or use these safe battery operated ones for the same effect). Grab some rose petals from a local florist and invest in a few high quality sheets. If you are really committed to the idea, check out this video on making a towel swan.

5. Make Your Own Three Day Movie Festival

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You don’t have to go to Sundance or Tribeca to get that movie festival feeling. Pick a genre – foreign movies, war movies, RomComs, marvel trilogies – whatever you’re into and spend a few days lounging on the couch during your movie fest. Play movie themed drinking games and create a themed menu that you can either order or quickly cook to go along with the festival. Watching all Jaws films? Order boxes of frozen seafood that you can heat in the oven.

6. Choose Your Own Adventure

feet camping photo by pexels

Have an adventure in your own backyard. Literally. Set up a tent or borrow one to go back yard camping. Are there any national parks within driving distance? Consider taking a road trip to see a national park. The outdoors not your thing? What about signing up for a room escape adventure – where you and your sweetie are locked in a room for an hour and have to work together to figure out how to escape. Try geo-caching. It’s like amazing race but without the TV cameras. Weather stinks right now in your neck of the woods? How about something indoors like trying hot yoga together? Or just the spend the afternoon being a kid again and go paintballing or play laser tag.

7. Get Your Eat On

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Indulge in a blissful gastronomic experience by getting a reservation for a Chef’s Table dining experience. Often these dinners have you seated in a special part of the restaurant (sometimes even in the kitchen with the chef!) where you get to explore a chef selected tasting menu. Menus can be anywhere from 5-30 courses and are usually not cheap, but worth the splurge. If fancy menus is not your style, create your own curated tasting table at home with maybe cheeses, cured meats, or foods from other parts of the world.

8. Get Your Drink On

Summer Cocktails by Foodies Feed

Find a wine beer or distillery in your area and book a private (or a public) tasting. Tastings often include tours of the grounds and include complimentary or low cost samples.

9. Road Trip

Road Trip phot by Pexels

A great way to cut down on the expense of two people traveling is to take a road trip. Find somewhere fun or interesting that you’ve always wanted to go, pack up the car, and head there. Maybe there’s no where you want to go but you just want to hit open the road. That’s cool too. If you want to splurge, consider renting a fancy car and … Check out our ultimate road trip packing list for some tihings to get you on your way.

10. Lazy Day

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Take a few days off and do nothing. Maybe have some board games, DVDs, or a Netflix queue ready if you get bored but consider doing absolutely nothing for a few days. Don’t underestimate the power of unwindind and having a day with no plans and truly taking a break from everything.