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Honeymoon Planning: The Fun Part

Honeymoon Planning: The Fun Part

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“Oh your honeymoon!  That’s the fun part!”

People will tell you that planning your honeymoon is “the fun part.”  For some people this will be true, for others not so much.

As a life long planner and project manager, planning my honeymoon was not fun.  It took hours and hours of time, when all I wanted, was just to be there. There are ways to make the process fun, by adding in bonuses and surprises for you and your partner.  Similarly, by thinking ahead and understanding, what you can do and what you should outsource can make the project more enjoyable. This may be the biggest vacation of your life, but it doesn’t have to be your biggest project.

As you go through the planning process, think about what parts you may or may not enjoy.  Hire someone to do the unenjoyable parts if you can or ask your partner?  Maybe you hate talking to people on the phone, but they won’t mind calling hotels and asking about honeymoon suites.  Or use a lifeline, and ask a friend to do it for you! Don’t forget to tap into some of that “wedding magic” and ask friends and family to help with might be some of those pesky planning tasks!

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