A practical guide to an amazing honeymoon on any budget

Five Ways to Add Affordable Awesomeness to Your Honeymoon

Five Ways to Add Affordable Awesomeness to Your Honeymoon

Everyone loves surprises.  Well, most people at least.  Adding a surprising and fun element to your honeymoon doesn’t need to break the bank either.  Here are five unique ways that you can add low cost merriment to your honeymoon travels.  

1. Do Something Extreme

Hot Air Balloon - Photo by Pexels

If the process of planning a wedding wasn’t enough of an adventure, consider adding an adrenaline rush to your honeymoon itinerary. Extreme honeymoons are becoming more popular as newlyweds seek to make this vacation “the trip of a lifetime.” And what better way to pack in a few memorable moments than experiencing a death-defying (but safely executed) adventure together? If the thrill seeker in you is just dying to do something wild with your partner, check out some of these extreme experiences from around the world. Or simply visit one of the Adventure Sports capitals such as Vancouver, B.C., Queenstown, New Zealand or Interlaken Switzerland.

2. Invite a V.I.P.

Friends hugging Photo by @DIMEXPHOTOGRAPHY via Nappy.co

Have a friend who couldn’t make it to the wedding or someone your partner loves and is dying to see?  Invite that person to join you for dinner or even a few days during your honeymoon.  Make it a surprise by telling your spouse you have dinner reservations somewhere special and have that person meet you there.  The best part about this, is that it an unexpected twist of awesome at little to no additional costs.  If you’re worried that your V.I.P. might overstay their welcome, invite them to tagalong near the end of your trip so you can end your vacation on a high note.

3. Book a Photoshoot

Woman in Camera Photo by @PHOTOSBYPHAB via Nappy.co

Your wedding shouldn’t be the only time in your life that you dress up, look awesome, and get photos taken by a professional.  Why not do a photoshoot on your honeymoon as well?  Vacation shoots are a fraction of the cost of wedding shoots since you are only hiring one person to take pictures for 1-2 hours instead of having a whole team follow you and your fam around for a full 8-hour day.  Hiring a local photographer also allows you to get great non-selfie shots of you and your boo in popular or off beat locations that are totally ‘gram worthy.  Companies like Dovetail Vacation Photography and Flytographer specialize in destination photography or you can search for local photographers in the area.

Tip #1: Most wedding photographers will also do these types of shoots as they are very similar to engagement photos.

Tip #2: Ive hired photographers in Venice and New Zealand.  If you need recommendations reach out using the contact form. 

4. Add Something Your Partner Loves to the Itinerary

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Did you marry an oenophile?  That’s fancy talk for wine-o.  Or maybe your partner loves Barry’s Bootcamp?  Plan a surprise day on your honeymoon itinerary where you take your partner wine tasting or surprise them with a special gift.  Taking note of the little things your partner enjoys not only earns you tons of cool points, but it’s super romantic and thoughtful when you surprise them with a special gift later. 

5. Schedule a Down Day

Pick one day on your trip where you do absolutely nothing.  Maybe you just read books. Hang out at the hotel.  Take ridiculous selfies. Order room service all day.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just pick a day where you make no real plans except doing nothing and enjoying each other’s company.  Never underestimate the power of doing nothing.  You may find yourself wishing that you did nothing more often!