A practical guide to an amazing honeymoon on any budget

Honeymoon Staycation, Daycation, or Mini-Moon

Honeymoon Staycations, Daycations and Mini-Moons

Whether you are planning on taking a staycation, daycation, or mini-moon here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your mini vacation.


Whatever you do, plan it. Even if the plan is to do nothing for one day, mark the day, put it on the calendar and prepare for it. Bonus points if you hype it up the same way as if you were taking a transatlantic flight.

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Treat the trip like you are going out of town. Have someone watch your dog. Clean your house. Do all the things you would normally do if you were leaving town, even if you aren’t. Taking a vacation also can mean taking a break from some of the routine things we always do like cleaning the bathroom and walking the dog. Give yourself the time and space to fully relax.


Whether you are going out of town or staying in, its always fun to add in a surprise for the other person. Maybe it’s something as small as picking up their favorite movie or splurging on a dessert you wouldn’t normally eat. Add in a few bonuses to make your mini vacation extra special.

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Take loads of pictures. This is still your honeymoon and you’ll want some memories of it later. So get snap happy. Take pictures of you on the couch with your leis. Photograph your food at the Chef’s table. Take ridiculous and fun photos together of you doing silly things on your vacation. Make awesome memories and take silly photos of it.


Consider a digital detox on your vacation. If you can, for a few days or a few hours, shut the world out. Stop checking email. Put your phone on airplane mode and turn off your alarm. Create the vibe and environment that puts you both on a private vacation even if you are just on your couch.

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6. Splurge on a housekeeper

If you can afford it, get your house cleaned professionally before your mini vacation. There is nothing more amazing than coming home to a clean house. This will give you the energetic space to relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying about coming home to dishes in the sink. Look for GroupOns and first-timer deals for cleaners in your area. Yes, hiring a cleaner sounds super fancy, but it’s not as expensive as most people think and totally worth the splurge.


Less time off, doesn’t mean less fun.  Put your thinking cap on or just steal some our suggestions for making your mini-moon mega fun!

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